Working Groups

The concept note by Veszprém and its surrounding area has been shortlisted amongst the best 4 for the European Youth Capital 24 title!

Once we heard the good news we started organizing. Apart from the extensive research done for the Municipality, working groups were also founded, which local youth could join at any point during the process. These working groups focused on local issues, youth issues, program proposals, budgeting and management, communication, and long-term effect and evaluation.

Anyone could join these working groups, and in the end we had young local members, representatives from youth organizations, representatives of the city government, outside experts, and coordinators. This way we could make sure that all important stakeholders can have a say on the concept note.

The concept note for the second round was submitted in late May 2021. There will be one more round in early September, after which we will be waiting for the evaluation of the European Youth Forum.

In the remaining time working groups operate on a lower level than before. After we receive feedback for the second round, we will make sure to re-evaluate the concept note together, so we will once again need everybody’s involvement for a last common effort!

Did you miss out on the working groups, but you have great ideas to share? The easiest way to channel in your ideas is through the Idea Box!