What is the European Youth Capital?

Every year, many European cities aim to receive this prestigious title, but only one city wins it. The European Youth Capital title is designed to empower young people, boost youth participation and strengthen European identity – both locally and all around the continent.

The European Youth Capital needs to reflect the European Youth Goals. What are those? Amongst others, we strive towards equality of all genders, building inclusive societies, supporting rural and disadvantaged youth, and keeping an eye on mental health as well. This is a super interesting topic, you can learn more about it here!

The tender written by Veszprém and its suburbs is also striving towards these goals. The good news is that our first draft was already accepted and shortlisted amongst the best 4! After reviewing the tender and involving dozens of locals, we submitted a second draft in late May 2021. A third round will take place in September, after which the results will be public.

The most important for Veszprém right now is to gain meaningful insight into how local youth thinks by listening to as many voices as possible. Our opinions and needs matter more than ever! 💥

What if we don’t win the title? No need to worry: as there is a significant community and lots of inspired, driven young people behind this tender, the Municipality will take these plans into account in the future.