In the Connect pillar we focus on programmes that create networking opportunities for different interest groups and with different levels of engagement. The primary focus of these programmes is to develop communities that reach beyond the usual lines between social groups, and lead to more interconnectedness, more activities between generations, and an internationally connected youth.

Community Garden – #InclusiveSociety

As we saw in the survey, environmentalism-related programmes were highly popular. The Community Garden is proposed for better transgenerational, city-rural area bonds and for a more tangible platform for climate and sustainability activism. In the Community Garden young people can work together with skilled farmers and environmentalists of their grandparents’ generation. This creates a carefree, positive space to share knowledge and tricks of the trade; a great place to reconnect with nature, and a community-based platform for meaningful dialogue and activism about climate change, sustainability and rural culture.

Bandmate – #YouthOrganisations&EuropeanProgrammes

In the survey, many young people said they either play music or want to learn to play. Veszprém is a UNESCO City of Music, where music events are a big part of the city’s cultural identity. Bandmate will be an online platform and app where young musicians can “match” with European music lovers. Based on our global network as a UNESCO City of Music, this app provides connections and incentive to train and jam together. Bandmate “couples” will be invited to play live in Veszprém, and even to record their material.

Anonymous Support Group for LGBTQIA+ Youth and Families- #MentalHealth&Wellbeing

Such support groups decrease isolation and promote acceptance and smoother family dynamics. Activists, therapists, social workers could all contribute to these groups and thus create a truly safe space for members where advice and judgement is not welcome. International human rights organisations and experts should also be involved such as Amnesty International, the Helsinki Committee, Háttér Society, and youth NGOs.

Volunteering Guidance Programme – #YouthOrganisations

A proposal for a Volunteering Guidance Program for foreign students was pitched, in order to better include exchange and international students in the life of the local community – there is definitely demand for this program and it would also help shape the vantage points of local youth about their European and international peers

Associated School Network UNESCO – #QualityLearning

The EYC 24 project would facilitate European student exchanges between the Associated UNESCO Schools Network members. At these student exchanges young people who are still in school would act as EYC 2024 ambassadors sharing their experience and best practices all around Europe. This is an excellent opportunity to build an international network at a young age and to connect to youth issues and youth work.

USE-it Map – #SpaceandParticipantAll

Local young people created a social map of the city in 2020. The map needs to be updated and extended, and after that could be added to the USE-it maps database. This provides a great opportunity for art-oriented youth to work on a quite cool and high-profile project that is still manageable in size, for foreign university students studying here to be involved, and also a great map for expats and visitors even during the EYC year, who want to connect to local youth culture.



The Engage programmes look for moments in which generally uninterested and uninvolved young people can engage without much commitment. These programmes should make participants feel safe, have a good time, find themselves in a community and become aware of the EYC project year. We focused on the favorite activities and preferences such as environmentalism, focusing on the strengths of the area: the green parks and nature. These programmes should be carried out in the most appropriate, “comfortable” format for young people, e.g. online.

UNESCO Geopark – #SustainableGreenEurope

The Bakony–Balaton UNESCO Geopark in Veszprém’s region, an excellent site of awe-inspiring geological and living natural heritage, offers opportunities for experience-based, interactive, indoor and outdoor sustainability and environmental education and fun activities, giving voice to local youth in the European Geoparks Youth Forum. It has potential for higher levels of youth engagement and even activism in nature conversation and strengthening local identity. It feeds the need for more connection with nature that young people repeatedly mentioned. Our team believes that this will be suitable for youth between the ages of 14 and 25 as well as those raising children.

Loudspeaker App- #Information&ConstructiveDialogue

This will be a smartphone application co-designed by youth to channel youth perspectives on relevant issues. It works with an upvote system and would be designed as an online outreach element that the Platform Association could use. The advantage of this app is that it has a very low barrier of entry to local discussions. Simple issues, such as what kind of events should be organised can be discussed on the platform, and feedback on events can also be collected here with dedicated Moderators (from the Municipality and the Association) who follow up on feedback and answer questions which could raise motivation to participate. In the case of underage youth, special legal circumstances must be accounted for. The app would be gamified (e.g. forum member “levels”, points for participation).

Indoor Community Space – #Space&ParticipationforAll

The need for an indoor community space that can be used free of charge has repeatedly been mentioned throughout the bid writing process. Such a youth-specific safe space could host many of the smaller scale programme elements that came up in research, such as clotheswaps, flea markets, DIY sessions, or else. The space should provide free high quality wifi. Events could be upvoted on the Loudspeaker app and speak to many “bubbles” of the target age group.

Youth House Generation ’24 with Open Air Cinema and Community Film Club- #InclusiceSocietes #Space&ParticipationforAll, # EqualityofAllGenders #MentalHealth

There is a Youth House in Veszprém (venue: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky str. 9.), but it will change location shortly, and may need to be renovated, expanded, and made all-accessible to be able to host project programs. The community space would provide free wifi (a coworking or study space), workshops, professional and personal training, coaching and counselling, free language courses, and more. It’s important to keep this space free to enter so that young people of any financial situation can enjoy the services.

Young people could be involved in setting up an Open Air Cinema in the garden, they would design the screening schedule and organise movie nights. The space could hold the Community Film Club that was very enthusiastically proposed by young people, with films focusing on minorities. It could create a safe and comfortable space for those coming from minorities. Expert-led discussions could help facilitate a meaningful conversation.

Veszprém Urban Geocaching – Outdoor City Exploration Game- #MovingRuralYouthForward

Geocaching was a popular suggestion as an activity that reclaims the local area and makes youth feel like they belong to Veszprém and have ownership of its spaces. Geocaching, an outdoor city exploration game involves teams using a map to find exact spots in town and answering related questions. This game, designed by local youth, would help interaction between local and European history and cultural heritage, and even twin cities.

Skatepark – #Space&ParticipationforAll

Skateboarding is so popular here that the current one cannot hold the demand. It’s been requested by many young people that a new, bigger and safer skatepark would be established with events.

Mural Painting, European Message Wall, Selfie spots – #MovingRuralYouthForward, #ConnetEuwithYouth #Space&ParticipationforAll

A more democratic use of urban spaces was requested. The most popular ideas were mural painting together with youth with disabilities, European Message Wall for tourists in various districts of Veszprém, and Selfie spots with symbols of the city and the EYC 2024 year.



In the Empower pillar we list initiatives that focus on capacity building, skill development, awareness raising and activism. These programme elements were passionately advocated for by the community that shaped this bid. Many of these programme elements are also connected to stakeholders in the region such as small businesses that offer their help and support in the hopes of contributing to a more youth-friendly Veszprém.


Mission Entreprise – #QualityLearning #QualityEmploymentforAll

Mission Entreprise is a model startup incubator project that is highly anticipated. It is a make-believe business simulation for small (< 5) groups of students that involves all phases of project development, such as pitching, marketing, production, sales, and general management. This invaluable experience could largely contribute to capacity building and the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit. The practical experience would make it easier for youngsters to digest and learn the basics of business management. The idea of a youth-friendly showcase of local businesses, organisations and institutions was also proposed, to make youth more aware of the local employment possibilities – including visits to these employers.

ARTathlon – #QualityLearning

ARTathlon is a hackathon-format project where young participants can pitch their project ideas every year to receive seed funding, mentoring and public exposure. It’s a kind of live creative kickstarter platform, where the motivation schemes of the startup industry are applied for cultural and community projects. ARTathlon is designed to increase entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and to have a snowball- effect on youth involvement – which is key for long-term local cultural planning. It’s important that all participants get mentoring and feedback, not only the winners (who also receive seed funding).

Social Awareness-Raising Trainings – #InclusiveSocieties

These workshops would help contextualise topics in the public discourse, and promote openness towards all races, nationalities, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations, people living with disabilities, and others. The workshops could use tools of drama and psychology to work towards a consensus-centric society, and must involve experts and international NGOs who’ve been promoting these values for a long time.There are no such programmes right now in the Veszprém region and it is much needed, young people brought this idea to the workshops with a lot of passion and dedication.

Disability Training for Workplaces and Public Servants – #Infomaartion&ConstructiveDialogue #ConnectingEUwithYouth

These training sessions could help prepare employers, workplaces and public servants to better deal with clients/employees living with different types of disabilities. It could support the local retention of workforce and involve a wide network of stakeholders such as schools, businesses, the Municipality, the police and healthcare workers. Employment for all is an important value that the EYC youth team wants to uphold.

OpenEP 2024 – #ConnectEUwithYouth

Conferences and thematic discussions, film screenings focusing on the European parliamentary elections should be held. These would be occasions where current events could be openly discussed, social issues be brought in, and knowledge of the European Union’s structure and functioning could be acquired. This would be a space where the EU and the European identity could become personal for participants, and where international connections could be built, people who work closely with this topic be met. This idea was widely popular because of its international appeal and its applicability to the entire age range of the EYC project (15-35)

Children’s Film Academy and the Balaton Youth Film Festival #QualityLearning

The Children’s Film Academy program with workshops in all areas of filmmaking from screenwriting to stunting is proposed. The Children’s Film Academy workshops range from writing to production and promotion, where young people produce films during the timespan of a summer camp. The regional Balaton Youth Film Festival would be an excellent opportunity for a community filmmaking competition.

Media Workshops – #QualityLearning#ConnetEUwithYouth

Although in the survey it shows that local issues are only moderately interesting to young people, media production and marketing on the other hand is quite attractive to them. This capacity-building programme would improve youth’s media literacy and their awareness of the importance of freedom of speech.

Pop-Up Project Showrooms – #EqualityofAllGenders #SpaceandParticipantforAll

In the Pop-up Project Showrooms program the city invites tenders for the use of empty retail spaces. Projects from and about young people are supported with a host venue and get funded with a budget for 3-6 months. Selection criteria include the positive public spirit, and drawing attention to tabooized topics (such as sex education, autistic-friendly silent spaces, exhibition spaces, breastfeeding in public spaces, and more).

Vándorgaléria – #EqualityofAllGenders #SpaceandParticipantforAll

A Traveling Gallery in various districts of Veszprém for young artists to publicly exhibit and self- publish their works that could result in a monthly exhibition in 2024.