Our Partners


A completely youth-founded, youth-led and youth-operated, politically independent online news site for young people in the Veszprém region. They focus on critical thinking, digital literacy, human rights, solidarity, and equality. It’s a 5-people operation with proactive members and a close tie to the grassroots and underground scene of Veszprém. Monthly readership is around 70 000 on average, it was around 135 000, which is not far from leading local news outlets.

Alcohol-Drug Aid Ambulance Association

The association has broad experience in working with alcohol and drug-addicts, including young people, it provides drug-prevention programmes in schools, implementing surveys and working for health promotion. It operates in Veszprém the Day Centre of Addicts, and it provides addiction treatment and child- and youth special practice on addiction in the city and its vicinity, at several centres. Its Rehabilitation Institution located in the area receives patients from the whole country.

Bakony-Balaton Environmental Education Centre Association

An organisation of environmentally conscious and proactive teachers and educators with a wide national network. They focus primarily on elementary schools and organised events such as a Green Student Parliament, and much else.

Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate, Csopak

Focus on environmental education, ecotourism, and the protection of the environment. Activities in three counties of Hungary, cooperation with local governments, the Hungarian Government, NGOs and experts. Founder and operator of the Bakony–Balaton UNESCO Global Geopark which works to preserve the region’s geological heritage by involving local organisations and communities, and to educate park visitors and locals.

Circle Foundation

They organise activities for young people and adults alike, for example movie screenings about environmental protection, composting workshops, panel discussions on green topics, creative workshops and more. Other than environmentalism, they focus on the development of local volunteer communities and the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit.

Committee for Students with Special Needs, University of Pannonia

The Committee helps students with disabilities such as vision- or hearing impairment, special needs in movement, speech or other areas during their university studies to meet the requirements effectively. Forms of support include counselling and training, personalization of study requirements, tutoring, physiotherapy, equipment rental, and mentoring.

CoolLaunch Youth Organisation, University of Pannonia

A youth think-tank, a group of volunteers at the University of Pannonia (open for secondary school students also). Support of young people to launch projects in many sectors such as health, tourism, environmentalism, international relations, and art.

Disability Round Table of Veszprém

The Round Table is an informal forum of several associations that work for people living with disabilities/autism, therefore it shares its members’ broad experience of working with disadvantaged people, including youngsters, in Veszprém and its vicinity, providing information, programmes and support for them and their families

Federation of Children’s and Youth Municipal Councils

As the Experts of youth work are focusing on raising awareness of youth work with national and international ties. Their activites are implemented by the use of non-formal education, metholody training, financial support and publications.

Fekete Sereg Youth Association, Nagyvázsony

The Fekete Sereg Youth Association has broad experience in working with young people living in small villages, NEET youngsters, disadvantaged youth from the Roma communities in rural area in the vicinity of Veszprém. They give the youngsters opportunity to spend their free time useful. The Association will work as a liaison between the decision making and implementation structures of the European Youth Capital 2024 and the NEET youngsters in rural areas, marginalized and disadvantaged youth living in Veszprém and the area, providing information for these groups of young people about the EYC 2024 goals and involvement processes and channeling their opinions, needs and ideas regarding the EYC 2024 preparation and implementation.

Integrated Institution For Family Support and Child Welfare

The center operates in 11 cities with 63 employees spread across the county. They operate the Csa-Ládika playhouse at the Haszkovó housing projects area which is known for housing families from a lower socio-economic status. The playhouse is an alternative for daycare for these families. They also operate temporary housing for families and support them with donations, legal, mental and job-seeking counsel, and more.

Lélektér Foundation

Support of 12-30-year-olds in self knowledge, skill development, alcohol and drug prevention, sex education, digital literacy, national and international mobility programmes, counselling, and supporting seminars. Cooperation with regional, national and international organisations. Operation of the Youth House in Veszprém. Special attention to youth from more complicated backgrounds. Member of the Youth Roundtable.

National Association of Large Families, Balatonalmádi Chapter

The organization, which has been operating since 1988 and is constantly renewed, has 300 family members and is expanding dynamically. For members, they organize events, lectures, donations, community cohesion programs, and maintain close contact with the local high school. The aim of the association is to educate in honor of life and motherhood, to strengthen the sense of responsibility for marriage and future generations, to represent and serve the values and special interests of large families, and to organize large families into a community that knows and helps each other.

National Youth Council of Hungary

The National Youth Council is an umbrella organisation for Hungarian youth NGOs and GONGOs. The goal is to facilitate the international flow of information between youth organisations, and to help build a national network between them. Their mission is the betterment of the youth issue in Hungary.

Public Utility Company, Veszprém

Owned by the local government, this institution is the operator of city parks, focusing on environmental education and awareness through various public activities such as the youth- specific Sustainability Everyday programme. They operate the City Market as well and are responsible for cemeteries, parking, and other outdoor public assets.

Roma Self-Governments

The aim of the organization is to break down the prejudices and distant walls, to bring the majority and the nationality closer together, and to give an authentic picture of the Roma population of the county.  The events of the life of the Roma population living in Veszprém County, public news and important and useful information concerning the Roma are shared with those interested, the local Roma self-governments and non-governmental organizations.

Student and Youth Municipal Council of Veszprém

Advocacy for local elementary and secondary school students. Community building, awareness and fundraising activities. Bridge between the schools and the Municipality. Member of the Youth Roundtable.

Student Council of the University of Pannonia

Bridge between lecturers and students of the university. National and international student organisation liaisons. Advocacy for student rights. A say and right of consent in all student issues such as financial support, scholarships, dormitory fees, curricula, exam dates, etc.

University of Pannonia, Veszprém, Kőszeg, Zalaegerszeg, Nagykanizsa

Outstanding higher education institution of Hungary ranking high on national and international top lists. Cooperates with leading regional businesses and other stakeholders, local governments. Welcomes international and multicultural students through international research projects, exchange programmes and scholarships.

Veszprém Unit of the Hungarian Charity Service Association of the Order of Malta

The Veszprém Unit has broad experience in working with socially disadvantaged people, including youngsters, in Veszprém and its vicinity, providing shelter for them and temporary accommodation for the homeless, and operating a street social service. Their “Presence Programme” aims to organise the community of the people living in the former “Pokoli” Tower, to develop environmental and lifestyle awareness, and to rehabilitate the building from both an infrastructural and social point of view.

Youth Association of Tótvázsony

The Youth Association of Tótvázsony have been running a youth community space, a telecottage, a library and a local TV channel, a youth club since 2004, organizing programs, civil assistance, almost continuous EVS / ESC volunteer reception since 2007, and building international relations. The organization is a member of the LEADER group of the region, the National Association of Local Televisions.

Zero Waste Shop, Veszprém

This eco-conscious business sells zero waste and sustainable products, as well as healthful and locally sourced produce. They organise clothing swaps, roundtables, and workshops on various topics (most recently on environmentalism and health during pregnancy). Around 100 young people have membership cards here, the shop is followed by more than 3000 people on Facebook and 600 on Instagram.