About the project

Have you heard that Veszprém and its surrounding area could be the European Youth Capital in 2024? Learn all about what the plans are, who made them, and how can you get involved!

Take Veszprém into your own hands

It’s a cliché for a reason: young people are the future. It’s up to us what Veszprém and its surrounding area will look like in five, ten, fifteen years. But being active in local issues isn’t always that easy, and our motivation can get lost during the process. How do we get from idea to project anyway?

These internal and external blocks are exactly what Veszprém’s tender wants to target. Good news is, our original concept was selected amongst the 4 best tenders, so we can really get to work 👏

Veszprém is such an exciting place – no wonder we won the European Capital of Culture 2023 title. The ECoC year will bring tremendous amounts of resources and support to the region, and will definitely create a buzz around Veszprém. 

Which is great! But looking around, the city noticed that the most successful programs, such as the Street music festival or VeszprémFeszt were all created and promoted by an older generation. The city realized: maybe there is something in local youth’s way. Maybe participation is not encouraged enough.

The city really needs the fresh perspective of teens, twenty- and thirty-somethings! Let’s make this place better together! ✊

This is why the city decided to create a youth strategy back in 2014, which will be thoroughly revised based on the EYC tender (even if the city doesn’t win the title). Let’s hope that the title of European Youth Capital will bring plenty of opportunities for the next generation!

What does the concept note say?

The concept note (the detailed plans submitted for the EYC tender) explains what roadblocks and problems were identified that are in the way of youth participation, connection and involvement. These are based on scientific research – both in the form of a survey and in-depth interviews. 

Can we just say, the past couple of decades haven’t been the easiest! The youngest generation hasn’t exactly experienced the same optimism that were prevalent in the ‘90s in Hungary. This is why the concept note focuses so much on mindset, and unleashing the potential of young people.

So what does it say?

💬 Local young people must be involved – everybody must have an opportunity to participate, and everyone’s ideas are worth considering. We don’t want the programs and activities that older generations organize for us – we want our own values to be reflected in the city around us. We need an effective co-management system when it comes to youth issues, where we can have an equal say.

🔗 We need connections – between rural youth and inner city young people, between those who are always involved and those who don’t know how to start. We want to spark connection between the oldest generation and learn from them. We need everyone’s hands and creative ideas to solve this!

💪 We want to feel empowered to participate, to unleash the youth generation’s potential. We grew up in a complicated time where good decisions are sometimes impossible to make. We want to feel free to create, to initiate, to start something big.

What kind of activities did we propose?

The city has been researching what kind of programs and activities are most needed by local young people so they can come true during the EYC year. Working groups were also focusing on this question for months in preparation of the second round of the EYC tender.

Great news: not everything has to be started from scratch! Lots of programs that were sorely needed according to the research and working groups already exist in the city, but they need better, bigger venues, more involvement, or better infrastructure. Other ideas will be designed completely from scratch by the young people involved – we can’t wait!

🌲 In this project, we focus on space – we provide space both literally and metaphorically. We provide space for a beautiful community garden where environmental and sustainability education can take place and generations will be better connected. We elevate the Youth House where free counselling and language education is available to all. And we expand the popular skate park and provide more space for artists and bands to use.

💭 We have a different mindset – mental health and the support of disadvantaged youth is important to us. We organize film clubs and media workshops centered around social and minority issues. We promote a support group for LGBTQI youth and their parents. And above all, we focus on the environment, as this is the most pressing issue for our generation. A UNESCO geopark would help a lot with conservation and sustainability awareness.

🎨 We are creative – the yearly ARTathlon will host any creative endeavour we can dream of, and if our projects win, they will receive initial funding. The Bandmate app will help the musicians among us who want to jam with young Europeans, found a band, and perform IRL in Veszprém! And the Loudspeaker app helps you to tell the city what you want in the most direct form possible so that no creative idea is left behind.

How can I participate?

The concept note holds tons of input from local youth – now it’s your turn to have your say!

  • Read the concept note here.

  • Share your ideas in the Idea Box.